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Book Review: Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol


Oh my, it’s actually over. The debt to Iniquity has been paid.

Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol


5 stars!



I reviewed this over on Goodreads back in December.

Bartol has some series girl power going on in this book. She is totally my Champion! The gang is back and it just jumps right into the action. Brennus and Xavier and Reed, Oh my.

Evie is still trying to figure out her mission here on earth in this lifetime. She is also faced with the task of choosing her destiny with one of the men mentioned above. I feel like Russell was a strong contender for most of the series, but now I think he is more out of the picture as far as a love interest.

For me, Amy’s writing style really showed in the last installment. As she always says she is a “pantser” meaning she writes by the seat of her pants, meaning the story just kind of plays out – she was no idea of an ending when she begins. I found myself knowing that she had to go back through the story and make up something to explain why something else happened, instead of just setting it up that way. If I hadn’t read that about her writing style numerous times, I don’t know that I would have noticed as much. With that being said, everything fit so well together. She did a great job of interweaving the story taking things from all of the books and telling you why this happened or what was going on.

I am so sad this series is over. I heard a rumor on the Premonition Series group that a couple novellas might be on the table in the future and I will welcome them with open arms. After waiting for the conclusion for so long, it doesn’t seem real. I love an epilogue and I hope she does one for the fans!



****Spoilers are below!****





Spoiler review of Reed: CHAMPIOOOONNN!!! Oh my goodness, reading that Evie and Reed HAD met before was the best. He knew he loved Evie before he even knew her. He was willing to fight for her even if it meant his demise. On the same hand Evie was willing to be his champion and not let him perish! She was fighting for him all along. I love Reed, I will forever be on his team.

Spoiler review of Brennus: One word. Persephone. There was some serious foreshadowing that I was so afraid of and it came to fruition. However, it is not something I hated. I think I disliked the idea more, but the way Amy wrote it, it works. Not that Brenn and Reed ACTUALLY share her, but they do both get time together.
The first time I read the series, I really liked Brennus, I thought he was misunderstood and I got mad at Evie for denying him so much. I think I have a soft spot for the bad boys in books. But the second time around I had no idea what I was thinking, Brennus is obviously sadistic and troubled. I really didn’t think there would be any redemption for him,<spoiler> but after reading Iniquity I would say my initial impression of Brennus had come back. He really stepped up.

Spoiler review of Xavier: I really feel bad for X. I think Evie had already let Xavier go before returning to earth. He had indirectly caused her so much pain over so many lifetimes that I just don’t think they could be together. She wanted a love of her own choosing and she didn’t choose X, the heavens did.


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