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Book Review: The Gamble Brothers Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I absolutely love Jennifer L. Armentrout. Her writing is funny and sexy and puts me in a better mood after reading. She is an author that really has her own style that can be picked out from a mile away. Give me a JLA book without telling me who wrote it and I guarantee by the first chapter I will know who it is.

The Gamble brothers series is one of the last few JLA books on my list. They are more adult themed than some of her other works. I decided to just group them into one since they are mostly intertwined being that it is each of the Gamble brother’s love stories.

Tempting the Best Man



This was short and sweet. It was sort of like a friends to more scenario.

The story starts out with Madison’s brother getting married and Madison is traveling to meet up with the family for the weekend wedding. She runs into plenty of trouble before and after she arrives, from flat tires to horrible 1970’s heart shaped beds. The cheese is thick with this one. Sharp cheddar.

I love Madison’s doomsday prepping family. They are hilarious and I fell in love with them. The love story was super cute in a friends to lovers scenario, which I really love. Chase is Madison’s brother Mitch’s best man while Madison is the maid of honor so naturally they must walk down the aisle together. Something Madison has absolutely no interest in thanks to a prior rejection from Chase. They are then thrown into a situation that makes it impossible for them to stay apart.

I’m definitely glad I picked this up. I never regret JLA books.

Tempting the Player



Chad is a player on and off the field. Pitcher for the Nationals, he has a reputation that goes beyond his talent on the field. He is the local playboy, living up to the Gamble name. Now, he has his eye on one, Bridget Rodgers.

Bridget is Madison’s assistant so she already knows of the Gambles. Bridget is a spunky girl with a pinup model body who loves color and is in some debt that weighs on her thoughts a lot.

After a night of ‘almosts’ that Bridget ran from hoping to never see Chad again, they are once again reunited at a super awkward lunch. They are spotted by paparazzi and then thrown into a crazy scenario by Chad’s publicist Miss Alana Gore. Bridget must pretend to date Chad until his reputation and contract are restored.

While this is probably the cheesiest plot line out of all of them, I think I liked it best. The pretend relationship is a classic cheesefest, but the awkward moments between Bridget and Chad were worth it. I think why I liked this one best was probably because of Bridget. She is feisty and doesn’t take crap from Chad. This book was a little longer than the short and sweet Tempting the Best Man so characters were better developed and story lines were most apparent. We see a little bit of Madison and Chase. We also get a taste of Chandler, the eldest Gamble.

I couldn’t help but continue this series, it didn’t disappoint.


Tempting the Bodyguard



Alana Gore, Chad’s publicist from Tempting the Player is having some scary letters sent to her anonymously and is getting worried for her safety. Who better to call than the best protection agency owned by none other than the eldest Gamble brother, Chandler. Chandler has met Alana one time before and couldn’t get her out of his head, so what a surprise when she shows up asking for a bodyguard.

The longest of the three books means there is more time for character backgrounds, lovey-dovey mess and a lot of sexy times. However, I was wishing a little bit that the book would hurry up. I had the stalker pegged from the get go so I was just waiting for everyone else to figure it out. The love scenes were definitely plentiful. Seems like every single chapter they were getting it on. I enjoyed reading most of it overall, just needed less of everything I think. Obviously once again a cheese festivus, but mostly liked those parts. Alana runs away from relationships so plenty of angst. Actually some action type scenes happened too, so there’s that.

I was bothered by the way Chad was initially so angry about Chandler helping and ultimately liking Alana. She restored his career albeit through unconventional methods. She got Chad and Bridget together. She was just doing her job! This woman deserves a thank you!

I had to finish the series and I’m glad I did. Just add the Gamble brothers as another notch in my belt. 😉


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