Judging by the Cover Tuesday

Judging by the Cover Tuesday (3/8)

Judging by the Cover Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Hello Beautiful Book Blog.

Anyone can play along, just do the following:

  1. Search the web for the cutest cover you come across, ideally an unreleased book
  2. Don’t read the synopsis
  3. Try to guess what the book is about
  4. Read the synopsis and see how close you came
  5. Make sure to link Hello Beautiful Book Blog as your host! ♥

Post in the comments the link to your own Judging by the Cover Tuesday post or share your cover in the comments below if you do not have a blog. Thanks! 🙂


♥♥♥Judging by the Cover Tuesday, where I score the web for the cutest cover I can find and try to guess what the story is going to be about before reading the blurb. All books are only judged by the cover and are not yet released.

This week I have 2 covers because I really couldn’t pick just one! This is so fun to do and I wanted to feature both before their release date.


First up we have a debut book by Miranda Oh.

First Impressions: The cover is really bright and fun so it just caught my eye right away. It looks like it’s going to be about a girl in her mid twenties trying to navigate her life. I think she’s going to have some trouble/awkward moments along the way. Maybe she just was fired from a job or having to move? Maybe she just got dumped and is trying to get herself back on her feet. Of course, she will meet a cute boy.

Now, let’s read the blurb to see how I did.


Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out by Miranda Oh

Release date: March 10, 2016

18 year old Hadley has led a charmed life, always knowing exactly what she wanted from it. She’d had her life distinctly mapped out in her head for as long as she remembered, but a chance meeting sends her into a tailspin…albeit a sensationally delicious one.

As she travels halfway across the world to fight for what’s hers, she stumbles time after time. It’s a journey of love, tears and learning; as she fights and attempts to overcome multiple hurdles standing in her way.


Not too bad. She’s younger than I thought, but otherwise I picked up on most of the central themes.

I give myself 3/5 hearts on this one. ♥♥♥








Next up we have the Fourth in a series by Sarah Dalton.

First Impressions: This cover caught my eye mostly because of the sky scene I think. I am always taking pictures of a pretty pink sky. This one is hard to decide on what it’s going to be about. By the title I’m thinking it’s going to be a horror book, plus there are crows flying behind the girl which always remind me of death. I’m thinking this one is going to be a family being haunted by ghosts in their home.

Alright, let’s see how I did.


Haunt Me by Sarah Dalton

Release date: March 10, 2016

Sometimes our wildest dreams can become our wildest nightmares…

When a teenage girl commits suicide in Ashforth, the village is shocked. When more girls take their own lives, Mary and her friends realize there are dark forces at work.

While Mary tries to figure out why so many young girls are dying needlessly, she has to confront her own demons. She discovers a distraction in the charismatic man of her dreams. But can she trust his mysterious man, and what is it he wants from her?

Lacey finds herself protecting Willa from an unknown enemy. As she gets closer to the beautiful Willa, she begins drifting away from her best friend, Mary. When Mary appears to be losing her mind, it’s Jack who must find a way to hold her together. Meanwhile, Lacey must make difficult choices when it comes to her relationship with Willa.

With strong language and some scary scenes, Haunt Me is best suited to those aged 16+.


Okay, so I think I got nothing right, at all. haha That was tough, but obviously the description is super interesting compared to my awful guess.

I give myself 0/5 hearts on this one.






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