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Book Review: Faking It by Cora Carmack

I freaking Love Cade. He is so adorable!

Golden Boy and Angry Girl:
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Cade is the best friend of Bliss in Losing It and I have to admit, for a time there I was really rooting for him because he was so sweet with her and just really loved her, but he got his heart broken in the end.

I let people go.

Cade has recently moved to Philly from Texas to pursue his acting career, go to grad school and try to leave the past behind him. It has been really hard considering Bliss and Garrick are in the same city until a hurricane with tattoos blows into his life. Now Cade has an acting gig he just can’t pass up – being Max’s fake boyfriend. Cade is trying to get over some things in the past and just maybe Max will be his ticket out of the heartbreak hotel.

“Even the good things from our pasts still only belonged in the past”

Max is trying to get through some things in the past and work through some things in the present. Mostly with her parents acceptance. She is hiding her true self from them because she knows they won’t approve of her choices with her body or with her boyfriends. When her parents surprise her with a visit she has to think fast and make a bold move. She sees this clean cut “golden boy” at a table alone and asks for his help. Little does she know, this could be the best choice she could have made.

“I give up. In the war for my parents’ approval, I’d lost to a complete stranger.”

I ended up liking Faking It much better than Losing It. There seemed to be more real emotions and a real love story unfolding. Not to mention Cade is like the kindest, most lovable person ever. I loved how rough around the edges Max is, she doesn’t take shit from anyone. I loved how Cade doesn’t try to tame her or smooth her over, he embraces her as she truly is, but somehow her walls do break down around him. He gets through to her like no one else. There was more of the pressure to sort of “fit in” that came into play in this as well. It was more centered on Max to conform or fit in to her family’s notions of what she should be and how she should act. I don’t like that concept, but I’m glad Max finally fought back.

I HATED BETHANY, her brother’s wife! I just wanted to slap her through the pages! UGH.

Cade was probably my favorite character from Losing It so I was so happy for him to get his own book and love story. He is the sweetest!

I’ll just leave these here:
“There are some things that are worth fighting for, no matter the outcome, and you are one of them.”

“I’ll take my chances against your fickle heart if it means it’s mine.”


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