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Book Review: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

Well, David Charleston, it seems you got off easy in this final installment. I feel like it was harder to defeat Steelheart.

The demands I made before reading Calamity:
♥ Backgrounds for Prof, Tia and Mizzy — Eh.
♥ More explanation of “Calamity” — Mostly.
♥ More similes, of course — Check!
♥ Megan and David in love — ♥♥♥ I’m happy.
♥ All my favorite characters live (don’t wanna spoil)

I guess about 75% was fulfilled. We got very little backgrounds for everyone. We got a little more for Cody and Abraham’s past, but really nothing more for the people I really needed it from. We had a few new characters show up, one I loved in particular, Knighthawk. I loved the comic relief and his witty personality. We also had a couple characters that sort of flipped the script from the beginning, we have Megan who is villain turned hero and now we have freaking Prof who is now the villain. I wanted and needed more on Prof, just with everything. I’m not going into specifics as to not spoil, but good God I need answers. Speaking of answers, Calamity. We got the most basic answer, but the one I really wanted was why? Megan and David’s relationship is just adorable, so there’s that.

I met her eyes and shrugged. “I’m glad you’re not the same Megan. I don’t want you to be the same. My Megan is a sunrise, always changing, but beautiful the entire time.”

I sighed. “You were talking about how obsessed I am. And that’s not it. I’m like… well, I’m like a room-sized, steam-powered, robotic toenail-clipping machine.”
She cocked an eyebrow.
“I can basically do only one thing,” I explained, “but damn it, I’m going to do that one thing really, really well.”
Megan smiled. A beautiful sight. She kissed me then, for some reason. “I love you, David Charleston.”

I really really loved Steelheart. We were taken on a journey to take down the terrible Epic Steelheart. We got to know the completely adorable nerd, David who let us in on some awfully hilarious metaphors. We see this awesome team taking down Epics with precision. We get an amazing twist that will throw you on a complete 360. Like seriously, jaw on the floor.

I really liked Firefight. Firefight we get more adventure, metaphors/similies, but it’s a little more familiar so it’s expected. There is a lot of plotting and not a lot of action. It’s more just trying to figure things out that played on the mystery. We find out more about Epic powers and more about Calamity which drives the plot.

I liked Calamity. I’m basically just okay with that ending. We finally figure out what Calamity is… sort of. Of course, more crazy metaphors/similes, they aren’t as special by book 3, but I still enjoyed them. I just wanted more epicness, more struggle, more plot, just MORE. It feels like another episode and then the story can kind of keep going on, so I can take comfort in that.

I am in no way bashing this series, because it really is awesome. I love all the characters and will never forget them.


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