Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter problems of tender hands

Winter is a serious test for our skin, especially in such vulnerable places as face and hands. But if we take a very intensive care of the face, it is somewhat different with our hands. Mostly, all care is reduced to applying a moisturizing cream a couple of times a day, but this is not enough, especially during a cold season! There are two main factors of saving the skin in winter: a reliable protection plus intensive moisturizing!

All means for hands skin protection are good, and all they need to be applied – both gloves (and mittens in the bitter cold), and protective creams (ointments).

A protective cream, which usually consists of glycerin, beeswax, olive and vegetable oils, cocoa, oregano and wheat germ, as well as cedar oil, badger fat, etc. can be a real godsend! A cryoprotective cream works as peculiar "bio gloves”. It creates a thin protective layer on the skin surface. Under this cream the skin continues to breathe and retain its natural moisture. It is not a problem to choose a suitable cream; you should just pay attention to a special note "protection from the cold" mark.

A comprehensive care, including nutrition, moisturizing, and masks, is also necessary.

- The easiest and universal procedure for hands care is the following: spread a thick layer of a cream or oil (olive) and put on cotton gloves. Of course, it is more convenient to do it at night.

- Pay special attention to the selection of cleaning agents: a mild cream soap, soap in liquid form – these are the products that your hands need to preserve the purity, and, at the same time, these means do not desiccate the skin. After washing your hands with soap, apply a moisturizing cream.

- Detergents and hot water is the number one enemy for the beauty of hands at any time of year. Therefore, all the household works demanding their use should be done with gloves on.

- It is good to do softening baths with chamomile and green tea, hand masks made of honey, olive oil, fatty cheese and egg yolks, or boiled potatoes, on a weekly basis.

- For micro cracks and rough hands it is very useful to steam hands in warm water in which rice or potatoes were cooked. Such water has an antibacterial and softening effect. Do not wipe hands after doing the bath.

And, one more important factor! It should be in mind that beauty vitamins - A, E and C- help to protect and preserve a healthy condition of skin not only being a part of ointments and creams, but also in our daily menu!

Vitamin A is the main fighter against dryness and peeling of skin. To make up for its deficiency in the body, you must eat dried fruit, carrots, and bananas. It is also contained in sour cream, cream, and rosehips. Vitamin E prevents from cold-related aggravation of skin diseases. Much of it is contained in nuts, in sunflower, olive, and corn oils, and in oatmeal. Vitamin C strengthens immunity of the whole body including skin; it is contained in citrus fruits, kiwi, and cabbage.

We will do a big favor (including the skin of hands) concerning protection from outside irritators if we add olive oil to our diet. It is especially good because of containing fatty acids just in the form as they are in the body, so they are very easily digested.