Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vitamins for body skin

Don’t forget about your body skin. It needs in vitamins like a face skin. The best way of body skin care is various baths. It can be herbal baths, vitamin baths, salt baths and so on. Prepare the bath to your taste and enjoy it!

To make vitamin bath you need to mix in 1 part of raspberry and cowberry leaves, in 2 parts of sea-buckthorn and currant leaves, and in 3 parts of ashberry and dogrose leaves. Prepare infusion from them in proportion 100 gram of dry mixture for 2-3 liters of hot water. Boil the mixture on the fire for 15 minutes and then keep brewing for 45 minutes. Filter ad pour into the bath. Procedure should take since 5 till 20 minutes.

To make herbal bath you need to take in 3 parts of camomile and origanum, 4 parts of hop cones and 5 parts of motherwort and knotweed. Proportion the same - 100 gram of dry mixture for 2-3 liters of hot water. Use another recipe of herbal bath. Mix 4 parts of camomile, 5 parts of sea-buckthorn leaves, 3 parts of knotweed, 3 parts of viburnum branches, 3 parts of horse-tail and 2 parts of needles (branches of cedar, fir and pine-tree).


Anonymous said...

How to have a healthy skin?

Facial types can be classified as oily face or dry skin

oily face - lucky you are ... you will have reduced wrinkles. the bad part is you are likely to cloge thepores of your face and more prompt to pimples.

Wash your face with warm water four to five times a day. Squeeze a lemon and mix with warm water and use as a cleanser instead of using harsh chemical products.

Once a week use a facial mask which will remove any black heads

Once a week do some facial steam, boil hot water, squeeze lemon,lavender and get some facial steams.

Drink plenty of water.

Go for soy milk instead of milk products.

Eat plenty of fruits, Berries are good, eat a handful of nuts ( walnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds)

Try to take omegga three rich nutrients or take fish oil tablets or flax seed tablets.

Use a good moisturiser before heading to bed.

less fatty foods means better skin

Dont eat the same food daily, mix and match

Dark choclates are good.

If you like ice cream go for no sugar less fatty ice creams - This is once in a while

pomegranate juice is good for health, you can get all the vitamin c with out drinking too much orange juice.

Choose dark black grapes (Concord grapes) if you cant get them, drink a glass of concord juice, they are full of antioxidants.

Twice a week make a habit for salad lunches, mix with lots of green, tomatoes, red onions, no cheese, cucumber.

Garlic will cleanse your fat content.

Thrice a week take some yogurt product, avoid sweet yogurt or flavoured ones.

avoid white bread, go for brown bread.

Melons are good foods.

In short mix and match a combo of foods.

Avoid coffee.

Go for greeen tea.

Hope all the above helps.