Monday, March 5, 2007

Take a half an hour to care about your hands

You are going to the party. Look at yourself – the dress is nice, beautiful coiffure, refined make-up and your hands… Oh, they are horny, stiff, tired. And you have too little time to put them to rights. Don’t worry, if you have at least spare half hour, use my recipe and your hands will be perfect.

Dissolve 1 table-spoon of starch in ½ liter of warm water. Add 1 table-spoon of kefir and mix. Put your hands into the mixture and keep for 15 minutes. Then dry them out with a napkin and put nourishing cream. In 5 minutes you can put nail polish.

By the way, here are some advices about nail polish. Dark dull polishes dry longer than light limpid ones. Remember about it, estimating necessary time. Also if you use pastes in the manicure, don’t forget to cover them above by clear lacquer. Pastes last longer and sparkle brighter from it. Have a good time.