Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Special mask for your nose

The most beautiful nose loses all its beauty if you can see enlarged pores on it. Mixture of surplus of skin fat with dust bridges pores. And pores become repugnant “black dots” – acne. Even hardest scrub can’t manage them. So you have to use the special mask.

Beat up white of egg, add 1 tea-spoon of sauerkraut juice and mix carefully. With wad of cotton wool put the mixture on the skin of the nose and around it. When the first layer gets dry, put the second one and so on, until mixture will be over. After it keep the mask on the face for 5 minutes more.

Wet wad of cotton wool or piece of gauze in warm strong tea and take away the mask from skin carefully. Wash cleaned face with cool water and dry with soft napkin. Sure you’ll see a charming nose after this procedure.