Friday, July 20, 2007

SPA-salon in your own bathroom. Part III.

Today I offer some tips about aromatic baths. You can take such baths not oftener 2-3 times a week. And of course you should take a bath only if you are in good health and mood. Those who suffer from any chronic diseases, have to be circumspect with aromatic baths. You shouldn’t take a bath at once after meal, it’s better to wait for one-two hours. It’s better to take bath in the evening, because you shouldn’t go to the street at least 2 hours after bath.

Remember that bath with cool water relaxes and with hot water braces. But the main rule is water must be pleasant for you. You should add hot water during a procedure in order that water to stay in stable temperature.

Of course the use of bath depends on infusion but the view of flower petals improves your mood surely. If you like the pleasant smells, add in the water some drops of aromatic oil.

Baths for 10-15 minutes have restorative effect. Baths for more than 20 minutes have sedative effect. If you are on any diet, you shouldn’t take hot baths.

Before bath don’t forget to take a shower. Soap or gel for shower removes the protective acid-fat layer from skin and makes absorption of healing matters easier. And after aromatic bath you’d better to put cream on the body or t least any bath oil to keep useful matters in the hypodermic layer.

You shouldn’t stay motionlessly even in the relaxed bath. Change position; massage your body beginning from legs in direction to the heart. Especially energetically work up thighs, buttocks and back.