Monday, July 20, 2009

Skin care for men

Men’s skin stays young till 30-35 years, as distinct from women’s skin that became getting along in years much faster. So the situation with skin care for men is that there is much speculation that men do not need any skin care. There is a show of reason in it, when you get used not to take care about your skin, it seems too late to come round and get into the habit after 30 years old.

Nevertheless if you are ready to learn how to take care about your skin and to know what's what in skincare products and which are best for your skin as well as body, you are welcome! There is a lot of information about skin care for men. It is never late to get the feel of gathering up moisturizers that don't smell like you borrowed them from your girlfriend.

If like many men, you've been led to believe that in order to get the best shave, you need something unthinkable, and what is more you should change it very often and get something even more unthinkable, say stop, you are a advertising sacrifice. You just need to get a smooth shave, right? Forget everything you've been taught, and let's start from the beginning.

When you go to buy a shaver, you always try to solve a problem: who can create the razor with the best blades and pretend to the highest price? Do you know that you don't need all of those extra blades. Shavers with too many blades can actually be the cause of your shaving bumps. All you need is a high quality double or triple blade razor.

You also need to look for a good shaving, as well as after-saving product to soften and moisten your skin. You may prefer oil, cream or lotion form, depending on your skin type. And let's get past the moment your grandpa uses unwatered alcohol through about 50 years and he is rather satisfied. We are talking about skin care for men, don’t we?

Many men prefer shaving oil, if you have never tried it, you’d better do it. You can use the oil alone, or apply it under your shave cream for more protection against bumps. You may also try a moisturizing shaving cream it usually contains aloe Vera to soften your face.

That is all about shaving, but skin care for men shouldn’t go beyond only shaving. As well as women do, you should see about facial scrubbing, creams and lotions. Facial scrubbing and lotions will help you to prevent clogging pores and acne. Use scrubbing 2-3 times a week to buff away the dead skin cells. Lotions should be used daily along with skin cleansing agent (in gel or foam form). Some men need skin creams, some don’t. It depends on your skin type.