Thursday, January 13, 2011

The secrets of skin care in winter

Cold weather, and especially frost with wind, is the serious test for skin. In a fact, our skin withstands very high temperature better than low one. That’s why we need to care about skin more carefully in winter time.

You’d better to refuse from washing at all for the period of strong frosts. Use cosmetic milk, facial washes and tonic for morning skin cleaning. Remember the main thing: all these means must be free of alcohol. Even if you have oily skin, frost has already dried a little your skin. That’s why skin doesn’t need in spirit-based means.

Also you should finish the day right too. Removing make-up and making evening skin cleaning, use light means, which do not destroy skin’s natural protective barrier (this barrier protects skin and also kills bacteria and microbes on it). Such means, for example, are cosmetic milk, any vegetable oil, soft tonics and lotions, which have many moistening components.

The law of winter skin care is skin nourishing in the evening and moistening in the evening. It is so, because moisture, contained in any cosmetic cream, turned into small ice crystals.

There is one secret, which will let you to avoid this law. Put one thin layer of night cream under day moistening cream. In this care moistening components "covered" with day cream layer. They do not contact with air and have enough time to reach inner skin layers before going in the street. Actually, wait for 30 minutes or better an hour after applying a cream on the skin.