Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Protect your skin from winter frosts

Only rich nourishing day cream can protect your skin in winter. But it should be not very thick. If your cream is too thick and it is imbibed slowly, then you should dilute it with any purified vegetable oil.

It is a good way in winter. Cold oppresses the actions of skin oil glands. That’s why it is necessary to use "rich" creams in winter. Read labels of cosmetic means attentively. If you see the note: "For cold weather", then choose this cream. Such creams are also called as "barrier".

As for lips skin care in winter, nourishing balsam and hygienic lipstick are the best of all. If you can’t be limited with these means, then choose "rich" toned lipstick and apply it above the hygienic one.

To nourish and to moisten lips, buy any kids oil and apply it on the lips at night. Also you can apply kids oil above lipstick for additional protection before going in the street. Attention! Do not use vaseline for lips care in winter. It is a mineral oil, which dries skin heavily.

Actually barrier between skin and cold wind is thicker, and then it is better. So don’t forget about foundation cream and powder. Apply foundation cream with wet sponge to make cream layer even. You’d better to use compact powder (but not loose one), because compact powder has oil.