Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Original facial scrubs from nuts

Original facial scrubs from nutsTo support the healthy condition of your skin, you should make facial peeling every week. Today I offer two recipes of homemade scrubs for your choice. The feature of these scrubs is their components, which nourish and moisten skin at one time with cleaning. The role of abrasive elements belongs to grinded nuts. Nuts peel skin with care and effectively.

Grind rind of 1 apple together with rind of 1 big slice of melon and squeeze juice with the help of gauze. Grind ½ glass of any nuts and add to squeezed mass. Mix everything carefully. Put the mixture on the face and keep for 20 minutes. Then take the peeling away with circular stroking, and wash with warm water. Finally clean the face with tonic. After this procedure your skin will become clean and fresh.

Grind a glass of any nuts and rind of big apple. Add 1 tablespoon cream (for dry and normal skin) or sour cream (for greasy skin). Put scrub on the face, neck and area of décolleté with circular stroking. In 10 minutes wash with warm water and put moistening cream on the skin. You can use this scrub twice a week, even for dry skin.