Monday, March 2, 2009

Neck skin care tips

Neck skin care tipsActually there is a lot of information about taking care of a face, hands, abdominal muscles trainings, fighting with cellulite, but we have not enough information about taking care of a neck. What a pity! Neck skin is exposed to strong negative impact of external factors (cold, wind, solar) and to aging as badly as a face skin. If you want to determine human’s age and health you should better look at his neck attentively.

Neck skin has a number of features: it is thin, it virtually has no subcutaneous fat; a blood poorly circulates in this body area. Neck skin must be clean, moisturized and protected. You can do this with the same cosmetics as for face skin care. Applying a cream on your neck, make massage movements with outer side of fingers from clavicle up to your chin. Do not massage the thyroid gland area (the front part of your neck).

Neck skin appreciates contrasting procedures. They can be done in the morning and in the evening. Take 2 baths; fill them with water of different temperatures, put small towels into them. Wring out a towel from one baths; put it on your neck covering the area from your chin to your clavicle. It is better to sit in an arm-chair. Put your head on an arm-chair back. Keep a towel approximately for 10-15 seconds, take it off, then drop it into a bath; wring out another towel and cover your neck with it. The duration of the entire procedure is 2-3 minutes. You should always finish the procedure with a cold towel. In conclusion, take a dry towel and rub the front part of your neck gently; you can rub it more vigorously from behind.

The aging of neck skin is connected with loss of moisture. This is especially true in the middle thirties. To prevent this problem, you should regularly eat foods containing vitamin F. For example, it is corn, sunflower, linseed oils, and nuts. Try to make neck compresses with these oils. Put some oil on your neck and massage pinching neck muscles slightly moving upwards, avoiding the thyroid gland area. After it you should cover your neck with a towel made of natural materials (cotton, lint). You can leave this compress on your neck for 5 to 30 minutes. Then remove the towel and wash an oil residue away.

Neck skin also requires regular peeling. It is better to peel your neck with face cosmetics because they are friendlier for neck skin and do not irritate it. The frequency is one day a week.