Thursday, May 10, 2007

Milk wonders

Do you know that many well-known cosmetic companies use milk for making various rejuvenated and regenerating creams? Useful components contained in milk, such as vitamins, proteins, mineral matters, glycoprotein and so on, have the ability to renew skin cells. Milk is used as a basis of different tonics, cleansers, lotions, which moisten, soothe and nourish skin.

In the homemade cosmetology milk is considered like one of the most effective product of face and body care. Curd, kefir, clabber are fine whitened and peeled means. After washing face with milk, face skin looks fresh and shining. In summer with its dry air and sun rays we often suffer from overdried skin. In this case I offer to make milk baths time to time.

To prepare milk bath you should add 2 liters of whole milk in the water or put gauze bag with 2-3 table-spoons of dried milk. Also you can make milk infusion with herbs in advance. Take in 1 table-spoon of camomile, mint, lavender and marjoram and pour it with 2 liters of milk. Keep mixture for 2 hours, then filter and add in the bath.

During milk bath you can make milk mask to moisten and soften face skin. Mix in equal parts curd, milk, olive oil and carrot juice. Put on the face for some minutes.


Anonymous said...

To make Cleopatra's famous simple milk and honey bath, just add one or two tablespoons of honey and one cup of milk to your bath water. This bath will work great for those ones, who have insomnia too.