Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lips care in winter

Lips care in winterWell, it is winter on the threshold already. And with the beginning of winter, some of us have problems with lips. Chaps on the lips appear, lips dry up, and healing takes a long time. So you should care for your lips carefully in this season.

It is very good to use lip balm in winter. Also you can apply moisturizing cream with vitamin E, which you usually use for face care. Use sun lip balm before going out on the street. You should drink more water. This will allow you to avoid dehydration. Do not lick lips! In the closed rooms, please, keep the normal air moisture.

If there are chaps in the corners of your mouth, then this is a sign of a lack of riboflavin. To solve this problem you need to include foods containing this vitamin in your diet. For example, legumes, green vegetables, dairy products or take vitamin B2 as well. By the way, we can judge about the general state of our health by lips. If there are no problems with health, we will see a beautiful red smooth lip rim.

Every day when you clean teeth, make a lip massage. To do this, take a clean brush and massage lips with soft circular motions within one minute. Then "draw a spiral" from the center to the corners of the upper lip first and then of the bottom lip with the fingers of both hands. These exercises stimulate blood circulation and hasten tissue regeneration. So you will forget about the problem of lips peeling.

In addition, at least two times a week, use a lipstick-scrub. Apply it on wet lips with circular motions, and in two minutes of massage, wash with warm water.

As a mask for lips you can use butter, cream, and other products containing animal fats. However, the best natural remedy is honey mixed with cream or cottage cheese. Keep this mask for ten or fifteen minutes and then you can simply eat this mask:-).