Monday, October 8, 2007

It’s time to relax

It's time to relaxTime to time we feel ourselves very tired, irritable, drained and even aggressive. In this time some people want any splash of emotions or changes. Another people want something calm, soft and cozy. How can we get over the time, when vital energy comes to end? In this situation you should master some techniques, which help you to recreate yourself.

Draw attention to massage. There are many types of massage therapy, like as Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, but all of them have one of the main health benefits - reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and improvement of sleep. Visit the special salon and ask the procedure with oil of tree Shi. You’ll feel yourself born again then.

Care about your hair and make them shining. To do it, choose new shampoo and conditioner right. Pay attention to production with tasty aromas. It will give energy back to your hair and help you to relax at the most.

Keep the cleansing diet for 3 days a week. Let your organism to rest from meat, sugar and coffee. Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains. Your organism will repay you with excellent work. You will get high vitality and fine mood.

Look at your feet and try salon pedicure based on mineral springs. Some cosmetic centers offer massage of the feet with brown sugar and other regenerative means. You need only ask. Also you can make some procedures at home. For example, cosmetic envelopment with bee royal jelly or any other products with honey and its components. Fruit acids moisten and cleanse the feet skin very well. Sure you’ll be able to fly after such procedures.

Breathe in the aromatic smells. Place aromatized candles everywhere at home. In the evening, put out the candles and stay in the twilight for some time for relaxation. It recreates forces and cheers up very well. You can try different citrus and fruit smells. Liven up not only a room but also your body with aromas, using cosmetic with smells of flowers and grass.

Nourish the dry skin. During stress the skin usually becomes dry. So you should watch over the condition of the face and body. Use soft scrubs and nourishing lotions and creams.

And finally take a relaxing bath. It is the best way to finish your day and to get forces for the next one!