Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to avoid or correct wrinkles and age lines

If you're worried about developing wrinkles and fine lines as you age, or if you already have some, you're in good company. Everyone's skin health tends to decline with age. However, only a small percentage of that is genetic or the natural process of aging. As much as 70% of it could be caused by how you live your life.

The Aging Process and Its Impact on Skin 
Collagen is the substance that helps skin stay tight, along with help from elastin, human growth hormone, and other materials. Unfortunately, your natural levels of all of those things and more will drop as you get older. Less collagen, elastin, and HGH mean less cohesiveness in your skin cells. In other words, wrinkles and sags will start to form.

Correcting Those Skin Issues in a Clinic Setting
There are plenty of pieces of anti-aging medical equipment that can correct wrinkles and sags. Among them are laser machines, sound wave devices, and IPL machines. You could also choose to correct those issues in a clinic with things like Botox injections. If your skin problems are bad enough, you might even opt for a facelift or equivalent cosmetic surgery. But there's a better way to get around the problem of wrinkles and sags, and that is to prevent them before they happen. Here are some ways to do that.

Avoid Exposure to UV Rays if You Can
Few things are more damaging to the skin than UV rays. Unfortunately, they can be hard to avoid. The sun is the obvious source, but you can also be bombarded with UV rays from certain types of light bulbs, such as those used in tanning beds.

Obviously you can avoid going to tanning salons, but you can't completely avoid the sun. Nevertheless, wearing hats, long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen whenever possible is definitely beneficial for your skin. You'll be far less likely to develop dry or wrinkled skin that way.

Have Healthy Daily Habits to Keep Healthy Skin 
If you want healthy skin, your daily routine also has to be healthy. What you don't do is just as important as what you do when it comes to establishing a healthy routine. You have to use the right skincare products for your age and skin type. Basically, any creams that contain vitamin A or some derivative of it are likely to be good for your skin. You can buy many of them at local stores, but the stronger ones are only available by prescription.

You also have to avoid bad habits, if you want to keep your skin healthy. If you limit your exposure to alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy foods, your skin will be more likely to stay strong and firm for a longer amount of time. So, the next time you're tempted to get fast food or have a glass of some alcoholic beverage, think about the possible long-term consequences. That being said, an occasional drink or treat won't matter. It's daily or weekly bad habits that you have to avoid.

Avoid Extra Stress Whenever You Can
Stress can influence your body in a lot of ways that you can't see. For example, it can keep you from getting a restful night of sleep. Since your body's cells repair themselves while you're sleeping, lack of sleep can lead to poor skin health. It can also lead to poor general health as well.

No matter how vigilant you are, you may eventually develop wrinkles or skin sags. That doesn't necessarily mean that you've led a bad life. It just happens because of the natural aging process. Once you reach that point, you may need clinical help like laser treatments. But having healthy habits can put that off for quite a while.