Thursday, July 26, 2007

Help your chapped lips

Dry air and wind can chap your lips in summer. When the lips do become chapped it is very common for people to lick their lips in an attempt to moisten them. But this way isn’t good as you guess. Only serious therapy will help you to make your lips beautiful as before.

The special easy-made cream can help you. Prepare such cream from honey and lard in proportions 2:1. Grease lips with cream after every meal.

Apple-milk mask have the fine healed effect. Boil one apple in the milk and grind it. Put the mask on the area of chaps and cover with napkin. Leave mask for 30 minutes. Make this procedure every day.

Put the napkin wetted in the decoction of wheat bran on the chapped lips. Change the napkin every 5 minutes. The procedure should last for 25-30 minutes. The wheat bran decoction is made on the “water bath” (1 table-spoon of bran to 1 glass of water).