Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have you seen the first wrinkles on the forehead?

Have you seen the first wrinkles on the forehead?Forehead wrinkles can develop with aging, but sometimes it happens in the young age too. As you age, you will lose elasticity in your skin. Besides your age, there are also environmental factors that can contribute to the creation of wrinkles, such as exposure to sunlight, your diet, and your lifestyle. Wrinkles on your forehead tend to be either vertical lines between your eyebrows, or a series of horizontal lines below the hairline and across the entire forehead. You must admit that it is not very beautiful.

When you see the first wrinkles, everyday massage with piece of fresh or salted cucumber will be very effective. Move the 'circlet' of cucumber from left to right by circular motions. Cucumber juice absorbing, wets the skin and after drying it makes the skin mask, which is recommended to keep for 30 minutes. Then rinse face with cool water.

Generally there are many preventative measures you can take to prevent or slow the process that creates the wrinkles, one of which is to use sunscreen when outdoors, as this will prevent sun damage to your skin.

Being aware of how your face moves is a very important step in the prevention of wrinkles. Facial movements during speaking, laughing, and frowning are great contributing factors to the creasing of the skin in the forehead area. Repetition of these movements in the face will lead to static wrinkles. Training your facial muscles to move differently will minimize the creasing of the area.

If wrinkles are very deep, use my recipe of… paper band. Take the band of smooth white paper (tracing paper or parchment) and wet it in the warm water. Put thin layer of nourishing cream on the surface. Smooth out wrinkles by hand and put prepared paper band on the forehead. Cover with elastic bandage above. At the first time keep the band on the forehead for 15-20 minutes. Then enlarge the time of procedure till 30-40 minutes. Do you want to increase the result? Make the procedure 1-2 times every day. You'll feel the efficiency of the procedure, when trying to knit your brow, and you can't do it. Feeling of the bandage on the forehead will prevent you.