Monday, November 26, 2007

Five recipes from reddening of hands

Five recipes from reddening of handsEveryone knows that in autumn and winter our hands need in the special care. Frost, wind, dry air indoors, lack of vitamins have action upon the condition of the hands. Also one of unpleasant “winter” problems is reddening of hands. The tried way, which helps to avoid this problem, is hands-bathes with various “additions” – decoction from oak bark, milk, sea or table salt, decoction from bark of bird cherry tree. Here you’ll find some original recipes, which will help you to make your hands smooth and white. Generally in the cold seasons wear gloves or mittens. It protects hand skin from drying and reddening.

When your hands become red, you can make cycle of bathes from cold and hot water, alternating them (so-called contrasting hands-bathes). Repeat the procedure 10-15 times finishing with cold bath. Before sleep massage with nourishing enriched cream is recommended.

Every day wash hands with warm water adding some drops of milk or cream. Redness of hands will disappear little by little.

Bathes with sea salt have great effect in this case. Take 200 g. of sea salt and add 1 liter of water and boil for some time. Then cool a little and you’ll get hot “sea” water. Put hands into it for 15 minutes and then put hands into cold water for 5 minutes. Repeat some times. After procedure put any cream on the hands.

Prepare the decoction from oak bark with proportion 50-100 g. of bark for 3-5 liters of water. Put hands in the warm bath for 15 minutes.

For skin, which is too sensitive to supercooling, inclined to appearance of cyanotic spots, edemas and even erosions, you’d better to make hands-bathes from bark of bird cherry tree. To make such decoction, take 2 table-spoons of bark and add 1 liter of water.