Monday, March 15, 2010

Facial skin care steps

Facial skin care stepsActually facial skin needs the protection and attentive care more than any other human organ. It is because the skin is influenced by both internal and external factors. Also age has very important meaning. After a number of years, our skin requires more and more care. New skin cells in young and healthy skin are formed every 28 days. This skin is elastic and well moistened. But with age metabolism is losing speed and intensity and as result our skin grows old. This is a natural process and it is impossible to avoid skin aging. We can only reduce the speed of this process.

Poor nutrition, insufficient physical activity, alcohol, smoking, stress, and adverse external factors (ultraviolet rays, air pollution) contribute to premature aging of the skin. We have to delay biological withering of the skin. To do this, make sure that the breathing, nutrition, hydration and skin self-rejuvenation are full. It is necessary to provide facial skin with a solid support and protection. The sooner you start doing it, the later first wrinkles will appear on the face.

Skin care includes some reasonable steps: cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishment. Generally this scheme works for any type of skin.

Cleansing is essential for rest and renewal of the skin. It must be made in the morning and evening. Beauticians speak about the cleaning abilities of soap uncomplimentary. It skims and dries our skin, tightens pores, leaving them muddy. It is better to use lotion, tonic, cosmetic milk or foam for washing. With their help you can restore the acid-base balance and moisture level of skin and clean pores deeply.

Moisturizing is the most important stage. Regardless of the skin type you always have to apply any moisturizing cream before make-up. Day cream is easily absorbed by the skin and makes it soft and smooth, preventing moisture loss. But do not forget that the cream is applied only to pre-cleaned skin.

As a rule, night cream has the function of nourishment. Apply cream on the clean, warm and relaxed skin. It will help facial skin to get rich in nutrients coming from the blood and also to receive the additional moisture from the outside. Everything will let skin to relax effectively during sleep.