Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elite eye serum - a closer look

The Elite Eye Serum by Elite Skin was a product that was well-received from the start. Made in a Miami area laboratory, the maker's of this company have shown a strong commitment to science and innovation. Starting with the Elite Eye Serum and expanding into a line of anti aging skin care products that now numbers at 8, each product has the most potent and researched ingredients available across the globe.

The Elite under eye serum launched in early 2009 and as mentioned, was a smash hit. Never before had people seen the combination of so many peptide ingredients as well as antioxidant rich extracts like resveratrol and acai. Each ingredient serving it's own role, this was a perfectly crafted serum that has been a big seller on Amazon.com as well, the top global consumers shopping portal.

A closer look at the ingredients shows how Elite Eye Serum was formulated to attack multiple signs of aging that become visible on the skin around the eyes. For starters, the most plaguing and noticeable sign of aging is discoloration. Commonly described as "dark under eye circles," people from all walks of life have tried to fight these for years. Home remedies such as guacamole, cucumber, tea bags, have all been used by chronic sufferers of dark under eye circles. However, Elite Eye Serum uses Haloxyl, a clinically tested ingredient that has some of the best lab tests for people who used it for thirty days to attack discoloration. Other companies have mimicked this move, but usually use a lesser amount of haloxyl, as they don't obtain similar results.

For another very visible sign of aging which people refer to as "crows feet," but known by most people as "eye wrinkles," Elite Eye Serum uses Argireline. Unless you've been asleep late at night you've seen the powers of this peptide in the Guthy Renker advertisements. Thing is, these companies are finally catching on to the power of Argireline, which has been called by many the best "needle free" alternative to cosmetic surgeries. It works to relax wrinkles on contact, and is nothing short of a miracle ingredient many companies are using in their anti wrinkle creams. Another trend started by the Elite Eye Serum.

Finally, you have Eyeliss, which helps deflate puffiness in the eyes. This clinically tested ingredient makes up the trio of powerhouse ingredients that are just the tip of the iceberg in this revolutionary skin product. On top of that, you have a base of pure hyaluronic acid, the aforementioned extracts, as well as gaba, the body's natural tranquilizer. It works on contact to penetrate the sensitive skin around your eyes by relaxing the muscles. This has the effect of creating less skin tension in order to instantly reduce wrinkling.

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