Saturday, September 8, 2007

Does your face perspire?

Perspiring face skin is very unpleasant thing. I think I do not have a need to describe the characteristics of such kind of problem. Sure many people know it not by hearsay. But this defect can be corrected, if you have patience to make the whole complex of special measures. All procedures are easy. Don’t remember to make them every day and in some time your face will stop to perspire.

In the morning wash your face with extract of cold tea (green tea is better) and leave for drying up on the face.

Before make-up clean the face with cool unboiled milk.

In the evening after cleaning the face from make-up, rub the skin with milk again.

Before sleep rub the face with piece of fresh tomato or overripe (yellow) cucumber. Leave juice for drying and go to bed.