Sunday, March 11, 2007

Care about your hands after gardening

Do you like gardening? To care about your hands is very important especially if you like to work in the garden. Your hands work hard caring about vegetables and fruits in the garden and now it’s time for plants to care about overworked hands. You’d better to make the whole course of bathes for your hands.

For one bath you need 3 table-spoons of hips and 1 table-spoon of grinded black-currant leaves (better fresh, than dried). Pour 1 glass of boiling water into enamel saucepan with ready mixture. Boil decoction on the light fire until boiling and then filter. Add 1 table-spoon of honey and keep to brew for 1 hour.

Mix decoction with hot water half-and-half and keep the hands into it for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe hands and put any cream for hands. You’d better to prepare the decoction for some bathes at once and keep it in the fridge. The course from 5-7 bathes helps to recover hands skin after gardening.