Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cabbage against freckles

Spring has just come and many women began to suffer from freckles. It’s a pity that they don’t know about one tried remedy – cabbage, which has bleaching effect. Today I offer some recipes for face skin with freckles from cabbage. Sure everyone finds this vegetable in the fridge at home. My recipes fit to all types of face skin.

It’s a mask from cabbage with mayonnaise. Mix in 1 tea-spoon of ground fresh cabbage, sauerkraut and parsley. Add 2 tea-spoons of mayonnaise. Mask is ready. Also prepare ½ glass of juice from fresh cabbage. Put the mask on the face and keep for 30 minutes. Then take away the dried mask and clean the skin with wad of cotton wool wetted in the cabbage juice. You should make such masks every 3 days.

To intensify the effect from mask described above, you should clean the face skin with cabbage lotion some times a day. It’s very easy to make. Mix ½ glass of sauerkraut’s brine with ½ glass of cold boiling water. And the effective lotion is ready.

Generally you will be able to prevent appearance of freckles if you drink 1/3 glass of sauerkraut juice in the morning and 1 glass of milk in the evening. Use offered mask and lotion from cabbage regularly and don’t stay under straight sun rays.