Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ah, my poor feet

Ah, my poor feetSure everyone knows how poor feet get tired for the whole day. The skin on your feet is very delicate and foot skin care on a regular basis is a must if your feet are to look beautiful. But if you don’t pay attention to your feet, they can suffer from callosities, cracks on the heels and so on. So we should remember that foot care is very important in order to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. If your feet are dry and cracked from the weather, or just tired from a long day at work, choose any homemade recipe in this article and help your feet.

Against cracked heels. Prepare an apple spread. Cut an apple and boil in the little amount of milk. Cool gently and put on the cracks with thick layer, then cover with napkin and bandage with gauze for 30 minutes. Then wash apple spread and put any cream on the heels. Repeat this procedure some days running.

Against feet tiredness. In the evening after hard working day, you can make foot bath. Mix a handful of linden flowers and a handful of mint leaves. Pour with 3 liter of boiling water and keep to infuse and get cooler. Keep feet in the infusion till full cooling down.
Give your feet a special foot bath. Put a cup of marbles in the bath water and roll your feet around on top of them to stimulate the nerve endings. Pick up the marbles with your toes, flex and contract your feet and toes and then let go off the marbles. This will allow the arches and muscles of the feet to stretch.

Against dry callosities. Pound the aloe leaf. Grease skin around callosities with vaseline and put pounded aloe on the callosities. Then put a plaster on the callosities and bandage. In 24 hours you should scrape off soft corneal layer. Put any cream on the feet after this procedure. You can repeat compress from aloe some times, till callosity will be off.

Against coarse skin. Make potato bath for feet time to time. Take ½ glass of clean potato peelings and add ½ glass of linseeds. Pour the mixture with 0,5 liter of water and boil till condition of thin gruel. Put feet in the cooled bath for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Put any cream on the feet.