Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aging changes of face

Aging changes of faceMost of women get concerned about the wrinkles appeared on their face like teenagers worry about their acnes. Our skin ageing comes up not only with plenty of wrinkles; the face shape gets also changed a little, skin grows flabby, some folds show up on your neck or the second neck grows slowly… Sometimes all of those happen even earlier than the wrinkles appear.

Face shape changes
Have you ever heard this?... you’ll consider it to be a nonsense… the Earth gravity causes your face shape getting changed a bit! But this is not the only reason: your ageing skin structure worsens. The skin of your face becomes less resilient and less elastic because of less collagen and elastin exuded. Your face contours change a bit and it loses its dew of youth, it is not chubby and tight anymore.

In addition skin cells renovation slows down. All the factors mentioned above (to say nothing about harmful sunrays impact, bad heredity and weight oscillation) make your skin flabby and the area of your chicks and jaws suffer first. Skin pits get expended; it looks like they are also worn out. The second chin will definitely show up because of adipopexia. The only useful advice is not to allow any sufficient weight fluctuation happening and sleep only on the flat pillow.

So, what can we do?
Face-lifting. This matter deserves to be much paid attention to. More than the other areas of your ageing face. Daily treatment with a good-quality moisture cream will make your skin soft and will also lift it up for a while. But this is a temporary prevention. The best result will be achieved with applying so-called «active means» containing vitamins A, C and hydro acids АНА and ВНА.

In the morning or in the evening after you wash and spread some cream on do some simple exercises:
1. Hold a pencil with your teeth then "draw" at least 10 letters of ABC in the air (your full name will suit perfectly).
2. Turn your head around, lean it back and snuggle your chin up to the chest.

Apply nourishing masks and compresses on your chin, cheeks and neck once or twice a week. Please, see below the simple compress receipt.
Warm up some vegetable oil. You’d better use some olive, almond or sesame oil. But if you have any of those, sunflower oil will work too. Make some tea (black, green or herbal). Moisten the linen napkin with the oil and put it on the problem areas for 5 minutes. Replace the oily napkins with the «tea-dipped-ones» for two minutes. Do the same procedure 5 times and don’t forget to spread some oily skin lotion on.