Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The herbal bath for kids

There are various situations when you have to calm any skin itch or inflammatory reaction on your kid’s skin. In this case the special homemade herbal composition will help you.

Brew a handful of medicinal herbal tea in 2 liters of boiling water and keep on the light fire for 15 minutes. Then cool a little, filter the infusion and pour it in the bath. The time of taking a bath for the kid is 10 minutes.

Take the herbs in the equal proportions. Here are some recipes of herbal mixtures:

- Mix camomile, tickseed, heartsease and milfoil.

- Take 2-3 herbs from the list: succory root, dandelion root, lungwort root, knotgrass,  ashberries and camomile flowers.

- Make the composition from plantain leaves, flagroot, oak bark, tickseed herb and camomile flowers.

- Mix herbs of tickseed, camomile flowers and medicinal calendula.