Friday, June 26, 2015

Use day and night creams right

Everyone knows that there are day and night creams, but what is the difference between them, and for what purposes each of them is intended?

What is a day cream? It is an oil-water emulsion, in other words, water with addition of oil. It is composed of approximately 75% water and 25% fat. The consistency of this cream is light, almost air. A night cream is the inverse ratio of water and fat. This is a water-oil emulsion, i.e. oil plus water. The consistency of this cream is more thick and oily compared to the day cream.

Day cream protects skin from the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena. It does not penetrate skin deeply, but affects only the upper layers. It’s not for nothing that this cream is used during the day when skin is exposed to active environmental factors.

Night cream regenerates and renews cells of facial skin. It contains biologically active substances that reach the deeper layers of skin. The process of cell renewal occurs at night, when the tissues are most relaxed and warm. The use of night creams makes sense when the skin is dry and sebaceous glands activity is weakened.

Sometimes skin becomes dry due to harmful external influences, such as excessive UV exposure, or prolonged illness. Then use of a night cream is a must! It is possible to start a regular use of a night cream only after 27-28 years.

A day cream is composed of soothing ingredients (panthenol, herbal extracts); moisture retaining agents (hyaluronic acid); vitamins that stimulate skin metabolism; filters that protect from sunlight. A night cream contains herbal extracts (such as parsley, green tea, and ginseng), that speed up metabolism, retinol, and amino acids that have anti-aging effect; lecithin and vitamins A, E, F, that prevent skin dryness; and collagen that provides skin elasticity.

How to use day cream correctly: a half an hour before going out it is necessary to clean the skin with a tonic or a specially designed for this purpose beauty milk. Apply cream from the center to your forehead, ears and neck. Remove any excess cream with a tissue.

How to use night cream correctly: not less than an hour before bedtime remove the remnants of daytime make-up from your face, and clean the skin. Put the cream on the skin, spreading along the massage lines from the center of the face. Before going to bed, remove the excess cream with a tissue.