Monday, March 24, 2014

Popular birthday gifts for women

A man who has a wife or a serious girlfriend may need some ideas when it comes to getting her a gift for her birthday. Naturally, he wants to show her how much she means to him. Here are some of the most popular birthday gifts that men are getting for the special women in their lives.

Body lotion is one of the most popular birthday gifts for women of all ages. She may have a particular lotion that she enjoys using on her hands or her face. Chances are, she loves the fragrance and the way it keeps her skin in great condition. A man who gets his wife or girlfriend her favorite lotion will be appreciated for his thoughtful present.

Perfume is also a popular gift that many men give to the women in their lives. He has a few options when it comes to this particular gift. For instance, he can shop for a type of perfume that is a classic. Maybe she wears a specific perfume because her mother and grandmother wore it. She may have a sentimental attachment to a particular scent. Or, he may get her a new perfume that she has never tried before. She may love trying a new fragrance that gets her compliments from her friends and coworkers. Either way, the gift of perfume is a favorable choice for a man who wants to impress the lady in his life.

Another popular birthday gift for a woman is a container of body wash. A man who has a wife or girlfriend who works hard all day at the office can give her some soothing body wash to use during her nightly shower. He can choose a fragrance that is sure to become one of her favorites. She will think of him every time she bathes and uses his thoughtful gift of body wash.

Finally, if a man wants to get his wife or girlfriend the perfect birthday gift, he can opt for a set of products that she can pamper herself with. She may appreciate shampoo, soap, body wash and perfume all wrapped up in a pretty gift set. This is an ideal gift for a woman who wants to continue to enjoy a gift for months after her birthday passes. A man can show how much he cares for his significant other with a gift set brimming with her favorite scents.

Build your esthetician business from the ground up

People who work hard to make the most of their esthetician career end up with a high paying job that they love. Unfortunately, lots of esthetician schools don't go over ways to increase income; many newly graduated estheticians don't know how simple it is to boost their income.

The following steps can help you increase your customer base and make more money:


If you practice communicating with clients, you'll find yourself quickly advancing in your career. When you open the lines of communication, you put your customers at ease; this helps you establish a loyal customer base. If customers consider you a friend, they are very likely to stay loyal to you. As an esthetician, you need to be a dedicated professional and good friend at the same time.

Stay Professional

Clients look to you for all of their beauty needs; it is important that you always look good when meeting up with someone. If you look like you don't know how to put yourself together in the morning, your clients will be hesitant about letting you work on them. In this line of work, clients almost always think that your appearances are directly related to your skills as an esthetician. It's a silly notion for clients to have, but it can cost you money if you ignore it.

Learn To Sell

It's important to always sell products that you believe in; when you sell professional product lines like Advanced Aesthetics, your customers will be impressed by the results they get. Never sell them products just because they are expensive; if you sell products that produce results, your clients come to think of you as a professional that gives great advice.

Customers visit an esthetician expecting to get recommendations about products, so don't be scared of selling them stuff that you think they can use. If you don't give them suggestions, you are doing them a disservice; some people really don't know what they need to do.

Stay Educated

The skin care industry is always evolving; it's your job to stay on top of all the latest procedures and trends. When you stay knowledgeable, you can make good recommendations to all of your clients. If you continue your education, you can attract new clients with your skills.

If you stay professional and communicate with your clients, your business will slowly start to grow. When people see that you do a good job, they will let their friends and family know about your services; eventually, you'll get so many clients that you have to start turning away new appointments.