Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to finance a face-lift?

We all know that once you get to a certain age it starts showing physically. Whilst healthy eating and a good exercise regime can help keep your body trim and fit, for most people signs of ageing are shown on the face.

A lot of women and men face the same common ageing problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet and aged eyes. Pre-emptive measures are always better than fixing the problem afterwards so we have found some tips (below) on how to ‘slow down’ the ageing signs on your face.

Pre-emptive measures
- Anti-ageing skincare – This is always good measure to delay ageing on the face. Applying a good quality day cream and night cream should help slow down the ageing of your face.
- Daily routines – Sometimes we forget that ageing doesn’t happen overnight; it’s not something instant but more an on-going daily process. This means we have to tackle ageing on a daily basis by making skincare a daily routine. Using cleansers, toners and moisturisers will help keep your skin looking younger for longer.
- Don’t stress – Stress leads not only to health problems but also accelerates the ageing process. Keeping calm is a hard habit to learn but some small relaxation techniques can help you to keep those worry lines at bay.

Cosmetic Surgery
Postponing or hiding signs of ageing works well in keeping you look younger for longer but sometimes hindsight is the only way to realise this fact. In these cases, cosmetic surgery can be a god send. A little Botox here and there and some nips and tucks can completely rejuvenate the way your face looks.

Though Botox is increasingly popular nowadays and can be managed within most budgets, cosmetic surgery with a plastic surgeon can sometimes get quite expensive. You need to think about paying for consultations, the procedure, aftercare and sometimes an overnight stay. All these costs soon add up. And if you feel that this could be a concern, check out the below-mentioned ways to help you.

Tips on how to finance a facelift:
- Credit – Most good cosmetic surgeons will have credit options. These are achieved through partnering with finance companies that will usually pay for your surgery and let you pay back in monthly instalments. Your agreement is with the finance provider and should be covered by regulators.
- Pre-pay instalments – Some cosmetic surgeons will offer a pre-pay option where you can pay them a set amount on a monthly basis in the run up to having your procedure. This will mean that you only have the surgery once it has been paid for.
- Short term loans – A number of collateral-free financing options are available which can be used to pay for a face-lift procedure. Payday loans for example will give you an opportunity to pay for a deposit or procedure more or less instantly. It can then be paid back on your next payday.