Thursday, August 30, 2012

Natural beauty remedies from across the globe

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a fortune on branded beauty products to look good. Mother Nature has provided us with a wide range of natural cosmetics that can be just as effective – so let’s find out more.

Here are a handful of remedies from across the globe:

Red grapes
A chemical peel can improve the tone and texture of your skin, but some people rely on red grapes to do the job. They’re packed with free radical fighting antioxidants and can be blended to form a rejuvenating face mask. Chilean women credit this red fruit for their radiant complexion and are thought to create a grape and flower mixture to help their skin flourish.

Olive oil
Moisturisers, body butters and hand lotions can be ridiculously expensive, so why not give olive oil a go? This wonderful product – which was once dubbed ‘liquid gold’ by the poet Homer – has been used as a moisturiser for many years and is popular in Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy. It will leave your skin soft and supple and is a natural sunscreen – making it a delightful cosmetic for all the family.

Turmeric power
The Huffington Post recently reported that Indian women rub a mixture of turmeric and chickpea flour into their skin before their wedding day. Why? Well the turmeric contains a concoction of antioxidants and inflammatory agents which can cure spots and reduce hyperpigmentation and chickpea flour is a great moisture absorber. If you want to use this wonderful spice, simply add a pinch to your moisturiser for a soft, clear complexion.

Garlic is added to mouth-watering dishes across the globe and is a chef’s best friend – but it also has other benefits. It’s used by women in the Dominican Republic to strengthen their nails and is more than just a species in the onion genus. Dominicans chop the garlic into tiny pieces and add it to clear nail polish. They leave it to stew for ten days, before using as a cosmetic, so why not give it a go? Don’t worry, the smell wears off pretty quickly.

Lip fillers are available at clinics across the UK, but cinnamon can have a similar effect, as it increases blood flow and draws nutrients to the lips. It has been used it Indian cooking for years and is available from many supermarkets – so it’s worth giving it a go. If you don’t like cinnamon, Mariah Carey is rumoured to add peppermint to her lip gloss to achieve a beautiful smile. Surgical procedures are popular these days, but it seems natural products can be just as beneficial.