Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer fruits and berries masks

Finally we can have a rest and not to think how to treat our skin, not to search expensive skin creams. It's enough to make masks from fresh berries and fruits as often as possible. Actually you can knead berries on the skin and keep for 15-20 minutes and then wash away. As for fruit masks, you'd better to cut them at first and then put slices on the face.

Well, what fruits and berries will help you to care of your skin in summer?

Apricots soothe skin of any type.

Cowberries and blueberries narrow pores on the skin and nourish skin.

Peaches smooth and soften skin.

Strawberries and raspberries moisten and nourish skin.

Currants narrow pores and nourish skin (and red currants whiten it).

Apples nourish and regenerate skin.

Pears soften and smooth wrinkles.

Blackberries smooth and make skin more elastic.

Sea-bucktorn heal small wounds and abrasions, nourish and soften skin.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Post skin care advice after laser hair removal

Some can be easily irritated and embarrassed by unwanted hair. People are choosing to have their unwanted hair removed through laser hair removal treatments. It is important for someone who is undergoing these treatments to know how to care for the skin afterward.

There will be redness and swelling in the area that is being treated. It can take a few hours to a few days for these symptoms to disappear. Use ice on the area to help reduce the redness and swelling. It is also possible for folliculitis to occur.

Folliculitis appears as red bumps on the skin. These bumps should be gone after two days. Having folliculitis can be a good sign. It is believed to be evidence that the laser killed the hair follicle completely. Do not pick at or scratch the treated area as this can worsen the redness and swelling.

It is important to avoid exposure to the sun for a long time. Sun exposure increases the chance of sunburns and can reduce the effectiveness of the hair removal treatments. Stay out of the sun for at least five days. Use sunscreen when you need to be out in the sun. You should also avoid tanning. Tanning has the same effect as sun exposure.

It is okay to wash the area. Be sure not to scrub. Use a mild soap to wash your skin. Dry the area by patting it dry. Lotion will help reduce redness and swelling. Lotion also helps keep the skin moisturized. Moisturized skin will help when your body begins to push out the dead hair follicle. Use a milk-based lotion to moisturize your skin. Make-up can be used 24 hours after undergoing the treatment.

Shedding will occur about one week after treatment, and it is the appearance of hair in the area that was treated. This hair is not new growth. Get rid of this hair by gently wiping the hair away with a damp soft cloth. It is also okay to shave this hair. Contact your physician if you continue to experience shedding and believe this may be new growth.

New growth can happen due to the laser treatment not penetrating the hair follicle enough to kill it completely. Always consult your physician for full instructions and a follow up after any medical treatment.

Authors Biography: This article was written by Monica Dwyer on behalf of www.urbana.ie who offer waxing services & laser hair removal.