Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring skin care tips

Spring with its temperature variations, heavy rains and sunny days is the time when people's skin is faced with various problems. People who take care of skin have to understand that it is necessary to adapt to seasonal changes. Firstly, developing an effective skin care routine may take time, but then person will get used to it and see the effect.

Spring is the time to start applying a light moisturizer instead of the heavy winter's one. As the air holds more moisture, the full coverage foundations can cause more harm than good because while the temperatures is increasing, you might feel your skin a little greasy. To improve the situation you can just add a little rose-water in your moisturizer. Also, it's recommended to apply oil-free moisturizers for oily skin and creamier versions for dry skin.

Human skin is very sensitive to the sun exposure. The sun activates process of skin aging and without any protection some brown spots and wrinkles will emerge. What's more, overexposure to the sun can entail acne rashes and other skin breakouts. Thus, sunscreen is an absolute must during the warm months, so buying a sunscreen with a SPF protection of at least 20 is a highly recommended. A moisturizer with SPF is also a good choice for people preferring versatile products. Don't forget such areas as the ears, the lips, fingers and so on. Also, it is very important to wear UV-protective sunglasses and protective clothes.

Another spring skin problem is occurrence of allergens in the air that causes blemishes, watering swollen eyes and nose. The best skin care system always focuses on prevention of problems. So be aware of air quality indicators. Also, a shower (after returning home) can help prevent any skin reactions to pollen or allergens.

One more essential procedure for great skin care routine is peeling due to it can remove dry skin and flakiness. It is better to choose a gentle exfoliating cream to be sure that it will not irritate the skin and then apply a gentle lotion to replenish moisture. Application of body oils will promote smooth of the skin.

Last, but not least aspects that influence on skin condition and look are the diet and physical exercises. Nutrition is the basis to any skin care system. The fewer toxins contain in your food products, the less wastes will leave for your spleen and liver to overwork. Luckily, spring is the time of fresh green vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that including seasonal fruits and vegetables in your menu, drinking a lot of water, walking and doing regular exercise are the great ways to make your skin looks better.

Every person should be aware about skin care routine and the products that work best for his skin type and condition. Spring is a time to feel wonderful. Let's get rid of outdated junk, and replace old makeup with latest trends of spring season. Try to refresh your look and highlight your features. Remember that adjusting your skin care routine you prepare your skin for the summer season.