Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple skin care tips

To understand skin care routine, it is necessary to get to know the function of the skin. Nowadays environment’s pollution causes problems for our skin. Being the largest part of the body skin it is like a shield between the outside world and the structure within our bodies. Also, skin regulates the body temperature with the help of perspiration.

Skin works to destroy the toxic waste products and remove water from the body. Skin absorbs sunlight to produce vitamin D, which is vital for our bones. Due to the nerve ending under the skin people aware of heat, cold, pain and other senses. Thus, skin condition is very important for our body health. So, we need to know how to take care for our skin. Skin care could vary from basic cleaning routine to complex anti-aging procedures. Get started with these tips.

- Be aware that sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots and dry skin. So you need to protect yourself from the sun rays.

- A good diet is important; a healthy diet leads to a healthy skin.

- Also, you should sleep enough as skin restores itself during sleep.

- In addition, deep breathing is very important due to our skin needs oxygen that blood cells carry to every part of our body.

- Be aware that smoking makes your skin look older and promotes wrinkles as smoking harms collagen that give your skin elasticity. The best way to protect your skin is to quit smoking.

The most efficient skin care routine includes the cleansing, toning, moisturizing and conditioning procedures. Generally the skin care, surely, depends on the skin type. Cleansing is the most important aspect of skin care. It is obligatory to clean the skin pores and peel off the dead cells that cause blockages on the skin's surface. The daily cleansing routine should be followed with toning. The toning promotes the stimulation of the skin, pores and enhances the blood circulation. Moisturizing procedure keeps the moisture in the skin, whereas conditioning restores the skin acid balance. Right skin care procedures and healthy lifestyle can keep your skin healthy and help you to fight with age-related problems.

Friday, October 21, 2011

4 rules for selecting the right exfoliating products

The world of Cosmeceuticals (the industry name for all the wonderful products you use to combat your skin conditions) is filled with an overwhelming amount of choice. From scientifically developed facial toners to organically cultivated facial scrubs the dizzying array of exfoliating products on the market today can confuse even the most in-tune facial fanatics.

And in no area is this confusion more apparent than in the world of exfoliating products where you can find yourself staring in awe at the number of ways there are to remove the dead skin, oil and other debris from your face. With all the scrubs, creams, serums, exfoliating pads and peels in your face, you might be wondering where to start!

Now before you go walking away with a cart full of exfoliating products or perhaps not as extreme, with the wrong product, you’d be happy to know that selecting the right exfoliating product isn’t that hard if you follow these easy rules!

Rule 1 – Know your facial type

Ask any Dermatologist why most at home skin care treatments fail and they will tell you that, “the person wasn’t treating themselves with the right product for their skin type.” Knowing your skin type will ensure that you are selecting the right product, since most exfoliating products come with a system indicating the skin types that should use the product.

Rule 2 – Don’t forget a cleanser and toner

Exfoliating products are the heavy lifters in any skin care treatment, so don’t wear them out by making them remove the surface oils and debris on your face. A good cleanser and toner will ensure that all surface oils and debris on your face are removed, ensuring your exfoliating products can work to remove those dead, dull layers of skin.

Rule 3 – There’s no need to get physical

There are two primary types of exfoliating products, physical and chemical, that you’ll find on the shelf today, but only one that you should consider; chemical. While in theory the idea of little “balls” working away to remove dead skin cells sounds great, in reality physical exfoliating products use abrasives which have been known to leave scars and cause intense facial irritation. Whenever possible use a chemical exfoliant!

Rule 4 – Glycolic acid is the king

Dermatologist recommended, glycolic acid is the latest and greatest chemical exfoliant that been proven the most effective way to exfoliate your face without the harsh side effects of physical exfoliants or salicylic based chemical exfoliants. You’ll pay a little more, but the more beautiful, healthier looking skin will be well worth it!

Hopefully these four rules will help you select the right exfoliating products. We know it’s sure helped us. On to more beautiful skin!