Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter recipes for hands and feet

Winter recipes for hands and feetTry these simple recipes to care of hands and feet in winter months.

Honey paste
To smoothe dry hands, make honey paste for using before bedtime. Mix in one tablespoon of ground almonds, ground oatmeal, honey, and add one egg yolk. Rub the mixture into hands and ask someone to help you put on a pair of cotton gloves. Leave the gloves for the whole night. In the morning, wash your hands with cool water and you will immediately feel the softness of hands skin.

Homemade cream for hands
It is very important to keep your hands moistened. For natural moistening of hands, mix oil of wheat sprouts with your favorite essential oil. Use nourishing cream before bedtime.

For chapped hands
Moisten dry, chapped hands with sandal oil, chamomile or rose oil, mixed with a nutrient base, such as hazelnut or avocado.

The best care for the feet in winter
Cold weather and the constant heat in warm shoes deprive our feet of natural moistening. The best solution of this problem is the daily exfoliation during taking a shower. Nail files for foot and pumice are the irreplaceable assistant for softening callosities and corns. Then dry feet thoroughly and apply any good moisturizing cream.

Make feet skin soft
Apply softening creams (especially good is aloe Vera) on the feet before bedtime, massaging at the same time. Try the cream for massage of feet with peppermint or menthol for pleasant sensations of softness and freshness. Start the day with the same cream.