Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Find 10 minutes and make the sauna for your face

If you haven’t enough time to visit spa-salon or beauty-shop you can make the sauna for your face by yourself at home. Of course, you should remember about the kind of your face skin. It must be not too sensitive and not too porous skin, without enlarge blood-vessels.

Such steam bath makes the skin young, clean, moist and improves the circulation of the blood. At the same time this procedure takes a little time and doesn’t need in the special preparation. You need only the bowl of 2-3 liters, big Turkish towel, paper napkins, any skin cream, and handful of dried herb. You need chamomile and sage, if your face skin is greasy, or take linden and mint, if your skin is dry. And finally take boiling water.

Well, now we are ready for the pleasant minutes alone with your face skin. Fist of all you should clean the skin very good, grease eyelids with rich skin cream for protection. Pour herb into bowl, fill up with boiling water, close your eyes and bow face over bowl. Please, watch the distance between your face and hot water not to be burned by steam. Cover yourself with a towel. You’d better to make this procedure sitting, because your face should be subject by steam for 10 minutes.

Then dry the face with napkin light blotting touches and begin another procedure like face pack. But if you haven’t enough time for it, simply put any cream on the cleaned skin of the face. After this effective steam bath even ordinary skin cream will give the stunning effect. Are you pleased with yourself?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Homemade sugar peeling for your hands

Your hands are like a visiting card of your appearance, aren’t they? Our hands suffer from sun, wind, dust and water, so they need intensive care. I suggest one easy way to do it at home - sugar peeling.

Beat up soap lather and add 1 tea-spoon of sugar. For some minutes rub your hands with mixture carefully. Then wash your hands and wipe them dry. Now you should put any hand cream on your hands. But at first use my little secret - in the portion of your hand cream add some drops of meadow cornflower juice or Acorus calamus (sweet flag) juice.

You can do such procedure once a week and your hands will be thankful…

Monday, February 26, 2007

Wrap the block of ice in the napkin

In winter time many women use blocks of ice for skin care. This way helps women to clean and to harden the face skin before going out in the street, because in the street your skin will meet cold air and frost.

I’d like to remind about safety of using ice like a cosmetic instrument. Before using you’d better to wrap ice blocks in the napkin. This simple act will help you not to frostbite your soft face skin.

Attention: Such treatment is contra-indicated for those women, who suffer from reddening of skin. Also the owners of grease skin should use ice blocks carefully.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fruit and vegetable menu for beautiful skin

- The healthy color of face skin is provided by such microelement like an iron. Raspberry, gooseberry, apples, spinach and red cabbage are rich in iron.

- Onion, beet and pear will help you to support total tone of your organism, because they contain iodine.

- For muscles elasticity and tendons strength you need magnesium, which is contained in cherry and garden radish.

- If you suffer from acne and dandruff you need the great number of sulfur. To solve these problems eat celery, tomatoes, lentil and walnuts.

- Do you work hard? Do you like an active rest? Vegetables with great content of phosphorus will help you to recondition. They are cucumbers, garden radish, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and white cabbage.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Liposomes live in the fridge longer

Sure that almost all women know that creams with liposomes are very useful for senescent and withered skin. But such creams have very short use-by date, maximum 14 months or less. So when you decide to buy such skin cream, draw attention to date of production.

Also I’d advise to choose cream in the tube with narrow neck, but not in the jar. This choice will help your cream to contact with air less, so cream will save its useful qualities longer.

Ok, you’ve made your own skin cream with liposomes. And now you should know a little secret – keep it on the low shelf of refrigerator. It saves stability of the cream chemical compound and prolongs the term of your favorite cream.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Some skin’s dislikes

There are some things, which our skin doesn’t like. I think you know it but I’d like to remind again. Our skin doesn’t like

- express-diets and diets which provide the great weight loss for the short period of time;
- spicy, fat, sweet and salt food;
- tobacco smoke;
- any kind of epilation;
- soap with high content of alkali;
- long sun bath;
- when we don’t like our skin, don’t know what our skin wants and when we permanently criticize it.

Let’s love, know and care of our skin.